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QuickEasy Log - Free Logging Software for Amateur Radio Operators [Updated 1-Jan-2018]

The QuickEasy Log (QELog) Logger is a graphical user interface program, and is designed to be easy to use and fairly straight forward. To this end, if you have suggestions as to additional features, or changes in the current functions of the program, please let me know.

Partial QELog Screen Shot

QuickEasy log features powerful and fast call sign searching and sorting. In addition to basic logging, the software allows you to "check in" stations who are participating in a QSO, and optionally check stations "out" when they leave the QSO.

When stations are checked in (or out), this comprises a "session". When sessions are reset (the checked-in and checked-out status of stations is cleared), the last time each station has checked-in is recorded and saved.

The logger will move checked-in stations to the top of the station list, making it easy to quickly see who is in the QSO at any time.

QuickEasy Log is also very useful for nets and other organized groups.

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